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Badass logo of my department



Beautiful logo I made for a guy who makes beautiful pictures

…in pixels and outlines.



Big ideas, poorly maintained.
Some other Icons I made.
…still a concept so for now no explanation.


Bending vectors

Bending vectors is what I do and that’s where it all starts for me.
…even if I supply pixels.
Here’s my little kick-off from my bending skills.

COE stands for:
Common Office Enviroment

Because we live in the time of Icons, I say: the shape would be an Icon.
The shape is also compact and powerful. So COE stands in a strong image.
The colors white and blue represent a natural movement. White is neutral, blue is trustful and reliable.
From left to right which is very logical and familiar as we recognize from our reading direction.
The drop shadow is for less static and more dynamics.

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